Tech Giants Partner To Advance A&E In Japan

Starting this month, IBM and Canon are collaborating to make high-quality digital video content creation more accessible with the use of volumetric video technology in Japan’s arts and entertainment (A&E) channels. Volumetric video technology pairs cameras and data-processing platforms to render 3D images from a virtual space. Allegedly, this allows the generation of video point of views from any angle within that space to create a more immersive experience.

Canon will contribute its volumetric video technology, which makes possible nearly simultaneous video capture and generation of high-resolution video. IBM will provide its Power System AC922 server with the high-bandwidth IBM Elastic Storage System and technical support. The company will also offer consultation services including strategy planning and execution support to the A&E businesses to advance their digital transformation. The goal of combining both companies’ technologies, products, and networks is to explore unique business opportunities while creating and growing more value for audiences.

The first fruit of the collaboration is a Lady Aoi video, supervised by the Hoshokai, which trains and performs Noh theater. According to the collaborators, “Noh is a traditional form of Japanese theater created in the 14th century and is the oldest major theater format still performed today.” The Lady Aoi video depicts images of a spirit that moves between a Noh stage and an inner psychological world.

Noh play “Lady Aoi” supervised by Hosho Style. Image courtesy of Canon, Inc.

To view sample movies created using volumetric technology, take a look at the Kawasaki Volumetric Video Studio. Also, visit IBM and Canon for even more details.

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