Art House Designs NFTs For Digital Trading Cards Platform

Provider of art for major video-game companies, Concept Art House (CAH) is designing and contributing five nonfungible tokens (NFTs) for a Crypto 2021 Collector Card Set for Kolectiv, a digital art collector’s platform. The five themed NFTs animated by CAH for the set are:

  1. ETH Killers: The Rider – Reportedly, this card has one of the highest sales to date on the Kolectiv platform. 
  2. Bull Market: Night – represents the bull market run since the March 2020 market crash.    
  3. Final Boss – illustrates the upcoming battle between crypto and government regulators.      
  4. Laser Eyes – cementing the meme that swept crypto Twitter profiles. 
  5. DeFi Summer- celebrating the summer 2020 boom in decentralized finance projects replacing middlemen and banks.

CAH CEO James Zhang says, “Kolectiv has really innovated and introduced a whole new dimension to the growing marketplace for NFTs and we are thrilled to be a part of 150 potential collector sets.” For greater gleanings, visit the Concept Art House website. Good luck!

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