Free App Maps Forest Fires, Improves Safety Response

Now available for free to firefighters, forestry managers, emergency managers, municipalities, the media, and the public, the FireFringe app detects and maps forest fires and hotspots. The app lets users see where fires are blazing in near real time.

FireFringe employs FRMG’s SkyForest technology that uses satellites to create maps of forests. It works with satellite sensors from NASA that detect high temperatures and mapping imagery from Mapbox. The app also provides data from Natural Resources Canada about the perimeters of fires and their hotspots. The app helps responders and firefighters understand what may be fueling a fire, track a fire’s progression, make better predictions, and gives them more time to prepare and respond.

On the maps, fire clusters appear as large circles and show the number of fire points in a cluster. By zooming in, current day fires appear in red while the previous day’s events appear in yellow. Other FireFringe features include:

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Search ability by major cities and landmarks
  • Sensitivity that can be set from low to high
  • Clear visuals to tell the distance between you and a fire
  • Historical data to see previously burnt areas
FireFringe app map samples

For more details, visit the FireFringe website or download the free app on Google Play, The App Store, or the AppGallery.

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