Crypto Artist Rakes In Some Big Coin Fast

It’s ever obvious that one person’s art can be another person’s poop. Frank Zappa describes art as “making something out of nothing and selling it.” However, nine times out of ten, a lot of nothing is up for sale and for big bucks. Here’s an example of either or.

Latin-American artist and NFT entrepreneur, Franky Aguilar, who goes by the moniker FrankyNines, sold out his latest NFT art collection, Sup Ducks, within 48 hours. You may say two days isn’t a record, but consider the collection consists of 10,000 handcrafted cartoon digital art assets.

Franky Aguilar AKA FrankyNines is an artist and NFT entrepreneur

As you can see in the photos above and below, each Sup Duck NFT portrays a variety of cartoon ducks with subtle 1990’s artistic references. Each NFT went up on the Etherium blockchain with prices ranging from 0.1 to 0.7 ETH per NFT.

The inspiration behind the 2021 Sup Ducks NFT project came from Aguilar’s followers on Twitter. He also worked with a team of four other artists to create the 10,000 Sup Duck NFTs. They used Procreate on iPads to draw each element that composes the Sup Ducks.

Whether this is art or poop, if you feel like ducking around more with this story, check out the Sup Duck NFT project. Also take a gander at Franky’s other work on his FrankyNines website. All it needs is a frame.

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