Virtual Sensor Detects Autonomous Vehicle Runovers

Deemed an autonomous-vehicle industry first, Tactile Mobility’s runover virtual sensor relies on sense-of-touch technology to detect, in real-time, an initial runover of an object and prevent a full runover. The software-only technology can detect a variety of objects on the road of different heights, sizes, shapes, and materials, both organic and hard. This includes human bodies, road debris, and other objects.

The virtual sensor prevents the vehicle from running over the object. The safety level virtual sensor will be part of the Tactile Processor Platform, which includes the company’s suite of virtual sensors like grip estimation, tire health, surface sensing, and vehicle health.

According to Tactile Mobility, “three in four Americans are afraid to ride in fully self-driving vehicles. Autonomous vehicles must be far safer than human-controlled vehicles. To achieve this, they must respond to vehicle-road dynamics just as, or better than, human drivers do. Runover sensors enable vehicles to sense the road and react to obstacles, hazards, and vulnerable objects, significantly mitigating the damage.”

For more details, visit Tactile Mobility.

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