ADAS Tech First To Assess Driver’s Brainwaves

Hyundai Mobis is launching what it claims is the world’s first brainwaves-based advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) technology. The innovative technology, dubbed M.Brain, can identify a driver’s mental and physical state via his or her brainwaves. One goal is to reduce accidents caused by drowsy driving or negligence.

M.Brain measures driver condition in real-time by detecting brainwaves via earpiece sensors. Software analyzes brainwave data from these sensors and determines the driver’s state. The platform also employs machine learning to interpret the brainwave signals.

M.Brain can also interface with a smartphone app and provide notification that the driver is losing attention. Additionally, accident prevention technology delivers alerts for different sensory organs, such as sight via LEDs around the driver’s seat, touch via a vibrating seat, hearing via a headrest speaker, and other devices.

For deeper details, visit Hyundai Mobis.

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