MOVs Deliver Reliable Protection And Longevity

Bourns’ IsoMOV metal-oxide varistor (MOV) circuit protectors boast enhanced surge performance, a long operational life, and high reliability. Deemed a significant design breakthrough, IsoMOV protectors integrate the gas discharge tube (GDT) function directly into the MOV. According to the company, this approach enables higher levels of surge protection, performance, operational life, and device reliability.

Combining both the GDT and MOV in a hybrid design allows the GDT to block leakage currents through the MOV that lead to premature failure. Reportedly, this makes the MOV inherently more robust without adding additional components into the circuit.

The components specify an operating temperature rating of +125°C, which is above the industry standard of +85°C for MOVs. The extended temperature range makes the components viable for use in a wide range of applications and industries as well as in harsh environments or remote, exposed applications.

Additionally, the IsoMOV series is UL 1449 Type 5 recognized and available now. For greater gleanings and enlightenment, download and peruse IsoMOV series datasheets.

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