First NFT Market For Real-World Goods Is Open For Business

Cryptocurrency investors are getting a primo chance to diversify their portfolios with nonfungible tokens (NFTs) containing fine art and other collectibles via Monaco Market’s NFT marketplace. Monaco Market claims it is the first marketplace that combines NFT technology with real-world collectible goods.

Offerings on the platform represent ownership of sports memorabilia, jewelry, fine art, and other collectibles. Industry professionals will authenticate, curate, and digitally tokenize all items and collections for sale.

Reportedly, volatility in cryptocurrency markets is compelling blockchain investors to diversify their portfolios with stable assets. Monaco Market hopess to create a bridge for these investors into the world of investment grade assets. Investors can either trade the assets without physical possession or elect to redeem physical rights to the underlying goods and have them delivered.

Monaco Market claims it offers a secure environment and charges just a 1.5% sales fee to sellers by partnering with CollectCoin (CLCT), a BEP-20 token built on Binance Smart Chain. Additionally, Monaco Market redistributes 33% of all fees to CLCT holders.

Monaco Market is currently building a network of trusted sellers. For brighter illuminations and greater gleanings, visit Monaco Market.

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