Unique Sensor Tech Enhances Robot, Motorcycle, & Scooter Safety

by Mat Dirjish

Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF), a Boston-based robotics and smart following technology company unveils its new sensor technology for enhancing the safety of consumer and enterprise robots and for motorcycles and scooters. Last year, the company began developing a custom radar sensor module for use in Piaggio Group motorcycles and scooters and with the intention to provide the technology to other companies later.

The unique sensor technology integrates Vayyar’s 4D imaging radar, enabling PFF’s hardware-software modules to provide accurate monitoring in all environmental and lighting conditions. A complete sensor package is available for mass production in Piaggio Group motorcycles’ Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS).

The modules employ Vayyar’s mmWave 4D imaging Radar-on-Chip (RoC) sensor, which supports multiple ARAS functions such as Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Lane Change Assist (LCA), and Forward Collision Warning (FCW) via a single sensor with a range of over 100m and an ultra-wide field-of-view. The Vayyar 4D imaging radar technology in both PFF robots and PFF sensing modules for the motorcycle industry support a large Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) array that enables ultra-high resolution point cloud imaging for holistic monitoring of a robot’s and a vehicle’s surroundings.

According to PFF, the sensor’s single-chip 4D imaging radar technology features an ultra-wide field of view, both in azimuth and elevation, with no dead zones. It is capable of detecting and tracking multiple targets and its small form-factor addresses the unique challenges of motorcycle and robotics design.

PFF robots employing the radar technology are set for release at the end of 2021, with Piaggio Group motorcycle models using the PFF sensor module launching in 2022. For further gleanings and illuminations, visit the Piaggio Fast Forward website.

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