High-Res mmWave Tracker Sets New Benchmarks In 4D Imaging

by Mat Dirjish

Vayyar is launching Element, what it calls the world’s most advanced mmWave development module. The compact module integrates the company’s 4D imaging Radar-on-Chip (RoC) to deliver real-time detection and tracking.

Approximately the size of a matchbox, the module employs Vayyar’s 7201 radio-frequency integrated circuit (RFIC), which includes all necessary digital and analog RF components. The device operates in the 60 GHz to 64 GHz bands.

According to the company, an Element module houses an array of 46 antennas to support hundreds of virtual channels and boost resolution. Reportedly, comparable devices typically rely on 10 antennas or fewer.

The 4D imaging RoC integrates a digital-signal processor (DSP) that handles all imaging algorithms. In terms of versatility, the module’s software outputs range from low-layer point cloud to high-level process indicators. For example, an Element module is viable for enabling artificial intelligence or to just integrate out-of-the-box sensing capabilities into a product. Additionally, all Element modules share uniform hardware, software architectures, and APIs.

Vayyer will offer three versions of its FCC-approved Element module. Available now, the Development Module supports evaluation, data collection, and application building. Launching soon, the Prototyping Kit features a low-cost microcontroller (MCU) supporting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for ramping up pilots. Third, the integration-ready Product Module is for scaling designs for mass-market product production.

Vayyer will offer three versions of its FCC-approved Element module.

Getting excited about this unique device but thirst for greater insights and knowledge? Well thirst no more with a quenching perusal of the Vayyar Element overview.

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