LiDAR Sensor Improves Small Drone Applications

by Mat Dirjish

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) mirror-based LiDAR technology company RedTail LiDAR Systems will introduce its RTL-450 LiDAR sensor at the XPONENTIAL 2021 Trade Show in Atlanta, Georgia from August 16 to19, 2021. Designed for use in small drones, the component employs a lightweight MEMS mirror and a precision navigation system to generate accurate data during demanding aerial surveying missions.

According to the company, the RTL-450 creates high-resolution, three-dimensional point clouds at a rate up to 400,000 pulses per second and five returns per pulse. The RTL-450 relies on patented LiDAR sensor technology to achieve accurate and reliable performance.

High-resolution point cloud images captured by the RTL-450

The modular LiDAR system weighs just over 4 lbs. and operates independently of a drone platform. Reportedly, this design enables quick and efficient integration onto any user-defined platform.

Additionally, the system operates in a raster scan mode for surveillance missions and a side-to-side line scan mode for area mapping. An intuitive command and control, high-brightness display in the ground control station allows users to monitor and optimize data-collection missions, allegedly a unique feature for small UAV LiDAR systems. 

Ready for lift off but require more details and specs? Well, require no more! Peruse and digest more data from the RTL-450 overview page.

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