AI-Based Module Detects Defects In The Road

by Mat Dirjish

Qii.AI, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) enabled, computer vision, and data management software for asset management and digital inspections, unveils its Road Defect Detection (RDD) Module for remote digital inspections. Working within the company’s Qii.AI platform, the RDD module is capable of automatically detecting and classifying potholes, cracks, and other defects in road surfaces. Overall, the Qii.AI platform reportedly enables users to rapidly label, train, and manage data to achieve AI functionality at scale. 

Dr. Gunho Sohn, Qii.AI’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), says, “Engineers face formidable challenges effectively inspecting, tracking, and managing road surface conditions. Qii.AI’s RDD Module allows users to train their own AI-enabled visual inspection functions, end-to-end. The RDD module offers the option to automatically detect, categorize, and grade problems in the road surface, that is to create intelligence to help manage road maintenance and repair planning, in the most-efficient, user-defined manner. With RDD’s multi-modal AI functions, users can easily generate consistent and accurate training data and define and control quality tolerances. This feature allows our users to continuously improve their unique AI’s performance, throughout the lifecycle of their RDD project.”

Ready to hit the road, but need some driving lessons on how to miss and/or repair those cracks and potholes? If that’s you, sign up for a demo of Qii.AI’s RDD Module.

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