Novel Tech Launches Traditional Workspaces Into The Hybrid Future

by Mat Dirjish

Digital-workplace technology specialist Smarten Spaces is launching the next version of its flagship product, Jumpree, to help companies transform their traditional workplaces into a hybrid format. The hybrid workplace, whereby employees can work remotely and/or on site, is the latest concept, buzzword if you like, to emerge from the corona virus saga.

Essentially an app, the latest version of Jumpree features a Hybrid Scheduler that promises to maximize employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity. The app integrates workplace and workforce technology on a single platform with a simple employee-experience app, analytics, and 80-plus out-of-the-box integrations with business applications and sensors.

Smarten Spaces

An intuitive platform, Jumpree is customizable to each employer’s environment. It provides:

  • mobile and desktop technology for employees and managers to plan their work-from-home and work-from office hybrid schedules
  • synchronized scheduling for colleagues, teams, and workspaces
  • artificial intelligence (AI) driven recommendations to assist in planning productive hybrid schedules
  • desk/meeting room booking and visitor management
  • visibility into how employees adapt to the hybrid environment via detailed reporting and analytics
  • accurate space utilization data to improve space planning and decision making

Ready to take the plunge into the hybrid work pool but need some swimming lessons? If so, request a demo of Jumpree.

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