Proprietary Chip Set Beams Music To Your Ears

by Mat Dirjish

Audio specialist, Noveto unveils its proprietary chipset that’s set to drive its SmartBeaming technology, which dynamically beams audio to outside the ears. Reportedly, this creates a first of its kind immersive 3D stereo experience without the need for headphones and without disturbing people around the listener.

The company’s DSP algorithms generate acoustic sound waves and two panels supporting numerous miniature ultrasonic speakers push sound into the air. Individually the waves are totally silent. An internal 3D camera and AI-based dynamic ear-tracking algorithms create the immersive 3D audio experience without users having to wear headphones, and with nearby listeners only hearing a fraction of the sound.

To deliver the 3D experience requires control of a high number of audio channels made possible by the proprietary chipset incorporating the analog multi-channel D1 chip and digital C1 smart controller. The D1 chip concurrently and dynamically controls 64 ultrasonic audio channels. The C1 controller orchestrates the overall behavior of all the ultrasonic speakers to generate the sound beaming experience.

For more details, visit the Noveto website.

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