Hard Rockin’ Cello Duo Launch Tenth Anniversary Album

by Mat Dirjish

Acclaimed Croatian duo of Luka Šulić and HAUSER, a.k.a. 2CELLOS, is releasing their rendition of Aerosmith’s song, “Cryin” with an accompanying video (see below). The track is a feature point on the duo’s sixth studio-album, “Dedicated”, coming out Friday, September 17 on the Sony Masterwork label. The album also celebrates the 2CELLOS’ tenth anniversary.

About “Cryin”, the duo explains, “This rock classic has the contrast that we love. We rock out so strong with distortion, move to a very quiet melodic section, and come back with the rock distortion. We love those contrasts”!  The release also precedes their 2022 US “Dedicated Tour”, kicking off on March 26, 2022 at Rosemont’s Allstate Arena, before stopping at New York’s Barclay’s Center (April 3, 2022) and Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl (April 15, 2022).

The “Dedicated” album is available now for preorder. Also, take a gander at a complete list of 2CELLOS 2022 tour dates and visit the 2CELLOS website for more crumbs of knowledge.

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