AI Platform Boosts Accuracy Of Gastrointestinal Cancer Diagnostics

by Mat Dirjish

Heralded as the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) platform for gastrointestinal cancer diagnostics, Ibex Medical Analytics’ Galen Gastric finds employment at Israel’s Maccabi Healthcare Services HMO. The platform is helping pathologists improve accuracy and efficiency of gastrointestinal cancer diagnosis in routine practice.

According to the company, a rise in cancer prevalence and advances in personalized medicine are increasing diagnostic complexity, which significantly increases pathologists’ workloads. The Galen Gastric platform features strong AI and machine learning technologies to help pathologists improve the quality of cancer diagnosis, implement real-time quality control, reduce turnaround time, and boost productivity. Reportedly, it demonstrates outstanding accuracy and utility in clinical studies.

Galen Gastric is an integrated diagnostics and quality control solution that detects gastric cancer, dysplasia, H. pylori, and other conditions. With this deployment, Maccabi lays claim to being the only health system in the world to use AI for multi-tissue cancer detection on breast, prostate and gastric biopsies. Ibex will exhibit in the 33rd European Congress of Pathology, taking place virtually between August 29 to 31, 2021. For more details, visit Ibex Medical Analytics.

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