Robot System Can Really Bust Barnacles

by Mat Dirjish

Tas Global claims it is  commercializing the world’s first ship-hull cleaning robot system. The company says the Hull Cleaning Robot is the only robot capable of freely cleaning curved surfaces. Carrying over 30 patents and registered in 16 countries including the US, the system clears and processes organisms, like barnacles and other sea debris, attached to a ship’s hull.

The hull cleaning robot attaches firmly and/or softly on a ship’s hull underwater and on the water surface. It cleans the hull while moving freely on curved surfaces. In operation, it employs an array of diverse sensors and eight cameras facing in all directions.

Hull Cleaning Robot cleaning ship’s surface. On the left is the filtration system which cleans microorganisms and microparticles in 3 stages

Weighing 200 kg, the robot moves smoothly by maintaining positive buoyancy. A proprietary portable filtration system connected to the robot’s body cleans away microorganisms and microparticles in three stages.

Ready to do some maritime house cleaning? Perhaps bust some barnacles, but require deeper knowledge before taking the plunge? If so, visit Tas Global.

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