Vault Preserves Collectibles And Tracks Their Future Value

by Mat Dirjish

WorthPoint, an established online resource for researching, valuing, and preserving antiques, art, and other collectibles, is launching the next generation of its Vault. In concept, the Vault helps collectors, genealogists, resellers, and homeowners organize their antiques, art, and other possibly-precious objects and track how their values grow over time.

Described as a state-of-the-art collection management system, the latest version of the Vault combines images of an item to establish provenance. It then catalogs different types of collections or organizes valuables in preparation for estate planning, downsizing, or insurance purposes.

Items in the Vault receive a WorthScore, which is a value estimation of similar items sold in a given time period. This helps users analyze price trends and guide decisions to either sell or keep their items.

Founder and CEO of WorthPoint Will Seippel says, “This fresh take on WorthPoint’s existing Vault product makes it easier for a user to maintain a digital repository of physical collections. The Vault was also revamped to help families reliably upload photographs and detailed descriptions of important family keepsakes, which are so important to a family’s history and future.”

Ready to lock up the family jewels in the Vault but require further enlightenment? If so, take a look in the Vault.

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