Another Way To Communicate Emerges

by Mat Dirjish

I’m sure everyone is just holding their breath while waiting for yet another novel way to communicate. But if you believe every organism on the planet has something real important to say, hey! The more ways to communicate the merrier…right!? Well, if you believe that, today’s your lucky day.

Aiming to re-define communication on the internet, London-based technology company NYOUM LTD is launching its flagship communication platform in the US. Dubbed LOVE, the company claims its platform is a new way to communicate face-to-face and a unique approach to audio/video messaging and video calling.

Primarily, LOVE uses video to communicate while expanding on visual expression with the help of an array of noted artists. Via multi-modality, the platform eliminates the keyboard as a human-machine interface and it both transcribes and translates speech into 50+ languages on the recipient’s end.

LOVE. A brand new way to communicate face-to-face.

LOVE’s technology stack employs transformative artificial intelligence (AI) in the domains of voice and face recognition, natural language processing, privacy and encryption, contextual analytics, and translation algorithms in order to simplify user interaction. The messaging interface resembles a multimodal walkie-talkie.

To communicate, users press a start button, record a message, and then press stop. Next, they select a friend and hit send. The platform transcribes messages in real time, so the recipient can watch, listen, or read them. Also, video calling uses a physics engine to enable a calling experience with one or many.

Additionally, the company claims LOVE is ad-free, built to protect privacy, and democratizes the platform by transferring ownership to its users within five years. Got something important to communicate? Ready to spread some love on LOVE but need brighter illumination? If so, pay a visit to See You On LOVE. Happy communicatin’!

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