NFT Platform Supports Indie Musicians

by Mat Dirjish

Set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2021, BASSCUBE will debut as a unique online nonfungible token (NFT) platform that fosters interaction between independent musicians and their fans. A direct-to-fan music platform, BASSCUBE allows fans to interact with the blockchain without having prior knowledge of how it works. 

Musicians and fans on BASSCUBE become part of a community with direct access to each other.  The more people that join a group and interact and purchase, the higher the valuation goes. A proprietary dashboard allows artists to identify their most active fans. 

Allegedly, musicians can generate income through fan donations, permanent royalties, and by dropping content exclusive to BASSCUBE NFTs in the form of unreleased tracks, merchandise, performances, and personalized gifts.  Fans are able to purchase these digital goods and experiences, which are exchangeable for cryptocurrency or collected long-term.  In addition to owning a piece of the music, there’s the bonus of connecting with the artists.

An important differentiator, BASSCUBE delivers payment to musicians immediately. It automates everything with a smart contract-transaction protocol that instantly pays an artist as soon as a purchase happens.

Ready to at least learn a bit more? If so, check out BASSCUBE.

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