AI-Based Security Platform Manages 150K+ Endpoints

by Mat Dirjish

CyCraft Technology debuts X-SOC, a unique security platform that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to manage over 150,000 endpoints, yet only requires one analyst for proper operation. The platform allows managed security service providers (MSSP) to deliver reporting to large and geographically dispersed endpoints while maintaining the company’s vision of keeping cybersecurity fast, accurate, simple, and thorough.

CyberTotal, CyCraft’s Cyber Treat Intelligence Platform

Via X-SOC’s intuitive user interface and AI-driven technology, a single analyst can over 150,000 endpoints from multiple customers or one globally-dispersed customer. According to the company, X-SOC efficiently and effectively provides visibility into an environment’s overall cybersecurity situation while simultaneously managing threat hunting alerts.

CyCraft MDR Reports provide SOC analysts and IT teams with near-real-time automated threat triage, correlation analyses, auto-investigations, and fully-automated attack storylines. These correlate each malicious action through the entirety of the attack, from initial access to the possible objectives, with zero false positives and fast delivery.

Delivery of CyCraft MDR Reports is through CyCraft AIR, an AI-based digital forensics, threat-detection and response platform. It specializes in malicious behavior detection and is capable of continuously monitoring and managing cyber situations occurring in large-scale enterprises with hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

Ready to get your guard up but lust for higher knowledge? If that is the case, mosey on over to the CyCraft Technology Analytics website for more details.

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