Documentary Dives Into The Velvet Underground

by Mat Dirjish

“The Velvet Underground”, a documentary film by Todd Haynes plus music from the motion picture soundtrack on two compact discs (CDs) are set for release on  October 15, 2021. Curated by director Todd Haynes and music supervisor Randall Poster, the album is the official soundtrack for the Apple Original documentary.

‘THE VELVET UNDERGROUND: A Documentary Film By Todd Haynes – Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack’ To Be Released October 15

The film features some of The Velvet Underground’s well-known tracks, rarities, and songs that influenced them. These include Sunday Morning, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Pale Blue Eyes, I’m Waiting for The Man, and Sweet Jane. It also includes the monophonic version of Heroin and the rare cut, Foggy Notion.

As a bonus, the soundtrack includes tracks by artists who influenced The Velvet Underground including a live version of Road Runner by Bo Diddley, The Wind by The Diablos featuring Nolan Strong, and the previously unpublished La Monte Young composition, “17 XII 63 NYC The Fire Is A Mirror (excerpt),” performed by The Theatre of Eternal Music.

For more info, visit the UMG website.

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