Baby-Tech Products Add Emotional Tether

by Mat Dirjish

Baby tech and smart-living platform company Hubble Connected is expanding its ecosystem of products that begins with prenatal and extends to service infants, children, and parents. As per the company, its latest suite of baby tech items is set to disrupt the market by rebranding Hubble Connected with an emotional tether that aims to bring families closer, keep them connected, and ensure home and child safety. The line-up includes three products: Nursery Pal Premium, Hubble Dream+, and Nursery Pal Dual Vision.

Nursery Pal Premium is a baby monitor that reportedly is a companion to both children and parents. It features a Touch Screen Parent Unit that allows parents to keep an eye on the baby but also includes lullabies, stories, audio books, and games to keep babies and toddlers entertained.

For infant bedtime, the Hubble Dream+ bundles a sleep mat, sensor, and camera that seamlessly report the infant’s heartrate, breathing rate, and sleep quality. It also offers tips to improve sleep quality via the HubbleClub app.

Nursery Pal Dual Vision employs a dual-lens that acts as the two eyes of a parent. It enables parents to monitor multiple angles of any room at once from either the Parent unit or on the HubbleClup app.

The HubbleClub app provides 24×7 streaming of the video feed, sleep insights, growth tracking, and content for parents . It also packs a cache of stories and games for babies and kids. For more details, visit the Hubble Connected website.

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