Creative NFT Studio & Marketplace Debuts In October

by Mat Dirjish

A group of New Zealand’s content creators are launching what they are calling a game-changing creative NFT studio and marketplace called Glorious. The creators include Six60, Lisa Reihana, SailGP, Neil Finn, Dan Carter, Karl Maughan, the Rita Angus Estate, and Dick Frizzell. Allegedly, Glorious will release exclusive works of art to connect creators and collectors through blockchain technology.

Glorious is promoted as a legitimate way for art, sport, and entertainment enthusiasts to embrace NFTs. An “artist first” organization, the Glorious approach to NFTs centers around the creation of works that benefit all parties involved. For artists, that means percentage royalties in perpetuity, every time an asset changes hands. For collectors, it means access to exclusive and valuable works of art, and 100% confidence that the digital asset they own is authentic, scarce, and safe from thieves and forgers.

Additionally, blockchain technology ensures that NFT works of art last forever as they suffer no degradation. And like any other art form, they can be handed down through the generations.

Full launch of Glorious is set for October 2021. For more details, visit Glorious Digital.

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