Neurostimulator Gets FDA OK To Protect The Bedridden

by Mat Dirjish

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gives 510 (k) Clearance for Prelivia, a neurostimulation device developed by Rehabtronics. The device promotes healthy blood circulation and maintains healthy tissue in people who are bedridden or chair bound. Reportedly, Prelivia is the first such device in 70 years aimed at protecting patients from pressure injuries.

Current alternatives used in hospitals and long-term care centers include patient turning, sensors, and specialty beds and mattresses, which provide only temporary relief. Prelivia employs neurostimulation technology that activates local blood circulation and promotes healthy tissue. Clinical studies show that Prelivia’s technology increases tissue oxygenation by 28% and decreases 80% of pressure-induced tissue damage.

The way it works is, a caregiver applies electrodes to a patient’s skin in the area that is at-risk for developing a pressure injury. Once activated, they stimulate muscle contraction every 10 minutes, which maintains healthy blood flow. Additionally, Prelivia is painless and is safe for continuous use. For example, a patient using the device over a four-week period shows no pressure injuries.

Ready to ease some pain and pressure but yearn for more details? Well, yearn no more, check out the Prelivia overview.

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