Collaborators Connect The Lighting Dots In Homes And Offices

by Mat Dirjish

Tuya Smart, a global IoT development platform, and global lighting enterprise CLEANLIFE are partnering to create productive, comfortable, and connected lighting experiences for both consumers and businesses. The collaboration enables both parties to develop a series of innovative, environmentally friendly, easy-to-use, and high-quality smart lighting equipment.

Engaged in the LED lighting industry for 10 years, CLEANLIFE employs Tuya’s low-cost, smart lighting components to design Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Mesh controllable flexible LED strips, LED Panel Lights, LED Smart Bulbs, and other lighting devices. By joining Tuya Smart’s IoT ecosystem, CLEANLIFE can leverage interconnection and integral operation with more than 410,000 Tuya smart devices. The 384,000 registered developers on the Tuya IoT Platform will also become potential supply-chain resources for CLEANLIFE.

In addition, the global market channel resources of Tuya Smart will help CLEANLIFE expand internationally. For more details visit CLEANLIFE. Also check out Tuya Smart.

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