Single Chip Controller Accelerates External SSDs

by Mat Dirjish

Silicon Motion is launching the SM2320, what it says is the world’s fastest single-chip controller for external solid-state disk drives (SSDs).  The ultra-low power device achieves sequential read and write speeds up to 2,100 MB/s and 2,000 MB/s, respectively. Integrating hardware and firmware plus high-level security features makes the SM2320 viable for meeting the high-performance and low-power requirements of laptop users.

The SSD controller solution features a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface and an SSD controller architecture with four NAND channels. By eliminating the USB bridge chip necessary in traditional designs, the SM2320 solution also lowers the Bill of Material (BOM) cost and power consumption.

The controller solution includes the company’s NANDXtend ECC end-to-end data path protection and supports up to 4 TB of capacity via the latest TLC and QLC NAND. Additionally, the SM2320 controller enables high-level data security via AES 256-bit encryption, compliance with the Trusted Computing Group Opal specification, and auxiliary fingerprint security support.

Ready to start designing but thirst for deeper details? Thirst no more! Drink in the knowledge available only on the SM2320 datasheet.

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