Imaging Sensors Chart The Future Of Dental X-Rays

by Mat Dirjish

Receiving FDA 510(k) acceptance on July 22, 2021, Athlos Oy’s DC-Air embarks as a unique generation of intraoral X-ray imaging sensors, set to pave the way for future of X-ray imaging. The company claims its sensors will make dental X-ray imaging more accurate, comfortable, and convenient.

Reportedly, DC-Air debuts as the world’s first Bluetooth wireless, direct-conversion intraoral X-ray sensor. Its US distributor, Freedom Technologies Group (FTG Imaging), is accepting pre-orders online and claims to be seeing excitement and high demand from dentists across the country.

Athlos Oy CEO Konstantinos Spartiotis, Ph.D. sys, “The DC-Air is truly the first wireless intraoral sensor with Bluetooth and direct-conversion technology. In tandem with its unique holders for optimal comfort, the DC-Air brings outstanding image quality, in real time, without the wire.”

FTG’s Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Robert Sachs reports, “The DC-Air is the first digital sensor to match the resolution of film and the comfort and convenience of phosphor plates. It does so in a more durable and easier-to-use package. Over the past few weeks, since FDA approval, beta-testing of the DC-Air has received stellar feedback from practitioners and patients alike.”

Ready to image your choppers but thirst for further illumination? If so, quench that thirst with a visit to FTG Imaging’s website.

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