AI Accelerates Adoption Of Food-Processing Robotics

by Mat Dirjish

Addressing automation challenges in the food industry, Soft Robotics is launching its SoftAI Solutions that employ proprietary 3D vision, artificial intelligence (AI) software, and soft-grasping robotics. Reportedly unique, SoftAI augments traditional industrial robots with true hand-eye coordination.

Mark Chiappetta, COO at Soft Robotics, observes, “The food industry is critically dependent on labor to meet its production goals. But challenges with workforce availability and productivity, tightening food safety regulations, and global health crises illuminate the need to break this dependency. SoftAI-powered robotic automation is the solution.”

Soft Robotics CEO Jeff Beck echoes, “robotics adoption in food production operations is very limited due to technological and sanitation challenges. SoftAI will solve those challenges.  It’s ready now to make a real positive difference in the quest to automate food production.  We look forward to engaging with food producers and our systems integration partners in this new frontier for robotics.”

We shall see.  For more details, visit Soft Robotics.

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