Diverse Collaborators Build Custoim Guitar With Wood From Historic Buildings

by Mat Dirjish

Jeep Brand, Wallace Detroit Guitars, and Cherrytree Music Company’s DETROIT DREAMERS are launching custom guitars made from old-growth wood taken from historic Detroit buildings. Cherrytree Music Company’s rock group DETROIT DREAMERS offer a custom track, “Dreamers”, and an accompanying visualizer to celebrate the launch of the initiative.

In terms of design, most of the guitar mimics a classic Fender guitar: the Telecaster. The Wallace Detroit Deluxe Jeep Guitar’s features include:

  • Graphic of the Jeep version of the US Army star on the front of the guitar, hand applied with a branding iron
  • The back of the guitar features engraved and hand-painted Jeep brand logos and a Detroit topographical map
  • Humbucker neck pickup with a Jeep grille graphic
  • Maple neck and fretboard
  • Beveled edge white pickguard
  • Chrome hardware with traditional bridge and controls
  • Single-coil bridge pickup
  • Guitar straps that come with every guitar are made from recycled car seat belts
  • All guitars also come standard with a Gator hard-shell guitar case
  • Hand-applied oil finish

Each guitar is individually numbered as part of a custom build as below:

Jeep® brand and Wallace Detroit Guitars launch custom guitar sourced from old-growth wood from historic Detroit buildings. (Photo Credit: Jesse David Green)

Reclaimed Wood: Packard Plant

Detroit, Michigan

313-JEEP-(unique identifier #)       

Pricing for the custom guitar is $2,900 and each guitar takes 90 days to complete. For more info and to order, visit Wallace Detroit Guitars.

| info@matdirjish.com | 1-516-422-1431 |

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