Emerging Robotics Boost Warehouse Safety And Productivity

by Mat Dirjish

Honeywell’s Smart Flexible Depalletizer embarks as unique robotic technology that promises to boost warehouse productivity while reducing worker injuries. It employs current machine-learning and gripping technologies to unload pallets without requiring any pre-programming or operator intervention.

Simply put, the depalletizer minimizes the need for manual labor for tasks that carry a risk for injury. According to the company, a typical medium- to large-size distribution center unpacks up to several thousand pallets per day, with the probability of errors, injuries, and worker fatigue increasing during each shift.

Vision and perception technologies guide the depalletizer’s articulated robotic arm to pick up cases from a single- or mixed-SKU pallet on a fixed or mobile location. The vision technology identifies the exact location of every case on the pallet while perception software automatically recognizes a wide variety of packaging. This allows for seamless handling of a continuous flow of pallets in any sequence.

Machine learning and motion planning optimizes robotic arm movements to ensure maximum picking speed and efficiency. Control logic senses the weight of each item as the robot lifts it and automatically updates its gripping response to transfer each product securely. The more the system picks, the more it learns and continues to improve in unloading pallets. Additionally, the robot can work in conjunction with pallet conveyance autonomous mobile robots, enabling continuous operation of the system.

Ready to start loading and unloading your pallets but require further illumination? If so, peruse the Smart Flexible Depalletizer overview.

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