Ultrasound Sensor Adds Sense Of Touch To Communications

by Mat Dirjish

Set to enhance a forthcoming product, Consumer Tech company Emerge unveils unique ultrasound sensor technology that enables people to feel connected over distance and time via tangible, immersive experiences. The company is developing a family of products that make it possible for users to physically feel tactile experiences with bare hands in a virtual space without the need of gloves, controllers, or any wearables.

The sensor-based device relies on ultrasound waves to create a tangible mid-air force around virtual objects and interactions. Unlike trying to replicate the feeling of reality, the device creates a unique language of touch that focuses on communicating emotions.

Emerge’s micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) device employs silicon microfabrication techniques to produce a different class of ultrasound emitter that the company claims is smaller, more powerful, more precise, and significantly lower in cost than comparable devices. To do this, Emerge partnered with experts in the MEMS field.

Isaac Castro, CTO of Emerge, states, “Our vision is to create consumer experiences where technology is as invisible as possible to the user. This breakthrough allows us to get closer to that future of immersive ambient computing where our products blend seamlessly into our surroundings, putting the human experience first.”

Imagine being able to communicate with people over great distances and have the ability to touch them. Learn more by visiting the Emerge website.

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