When It Comes To Talent, Got Whiskers?

by Mat Dirjish

I’m quite sure the following question is on the lips of almost every person in the world: whose whiskers will win the “Most Talented Beard in America” contest? I’ve never knew there was a correlation between one’s musical talent and one’s facial fur. Does shaving too much cause tone deafness?

Men’s grooming company Wahl believes there is a relationship between men’s facial foliage and their musical talent. That’s why the company is hosting its second-annual “Most Talented Beard in America”

Contestants submit videos of their talents and the company chooses10 furry phenoms from the lot. Next, the public gets to vote for the final winners. First place winner receives the crown “Wahl Man of the Year” and walks away with $20,000. Second- and third-place prizes are $10,000 and $5,000, respectively.

I was hoping to see someone play their beard like a banjo or sitar. And what happens if the beard has more talent than the person wearing it? But I digress; check out the 10 finalists in the videos below.

Also, should you be so compelled, you can cast your votes for the three final winners until October 5, 2021 on the Most Talented Beard in America website. And for more information and official rules, visit Wahl USA.

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