Lab-Grade Radio Tester Is Compact, Rugged & Easy To Use

by Mat Dirjish

Viavi Solutions, a provider of network test, monitoring, and assurance systems, introduces the CX300 ComXpert, an all-in-one communications test and alignment instrument in a portable, easy-to-use, rugged form factor. Boasting  lab-grade results for LMR, PMR, and LTE radio testing, the company claims its CX300 is the first LTE-ready unit set that can test both radio and broadband network infrastructure.

Specifying a frequency range up to 6 GHz, the instrument’s frequency, power and modulation analysis capabilities support all analog and digital land mobile radio (LMR) and professional mobile radio (PMR) protocols, as well as private LTE networks. Integrating a suite of automated test applications, individual and overall pass or fail flags simplify go/no-go testing and eliminate errors. Additionally, the CX300 lets users conduct full vector s-parameter measurements and directly connect to the device under test without extra accessories.

A large color touchscreen and a browser-like interface enables quick navigation between test setups. Other CX300 features include:

  • A frequency range from 100 kHz to 6 GHz.
  • Intelligent color-coded meters for at-a-glance test verification.
  • Integral two-port vector network analyzer (VNA) for cable and antenna testing.
  • Auto-Test applications for all major LMR and PMR radios.
  • Cloud-based VIAVI StrataSync integration for asset, configuration and data management.
  • VIAVI Smart Access Anywhere allows remote control of the test set via Windows, Android, and iOS applications.
The CX300

The CX300 will be on display at the International Wireless Communications Expo 2021 (IWCE), September 29-30, at Booth #473. For further illumination and technical gratification, procure and peruse the CX300 datasheet.

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