Monetization Program Accelerates Transition To Net Zero Carbon Emissions

by Mat Dirjish

Smart-building technology company Kontrol Technologies Corp. is launching its carbon-credit monetization program with the goal of accelerating the transition to net zero emissions and to meet corporate sustainability mandates. According to the company, its program monetizes verifiable energy savings from energy-efficiency projects with corresponding greenhouse gas emission reductions that employ the company’s energy management and emissions reduction platforms.

The Kontrol energy management and emissions reduction platform provides one click access to an entire energy-management and emissions portfolio at the suite and building level. The company is constantly developing additions to its current technology platform including new sensors and capabilities to accelerate energy savings in real-time and corresponding reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon offsets allow organizations to make up for unavoidable emissions by purchasing carbon credits generated by projects targeted at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Companies can participate in the carbon offset market either individually or as part of an industry-wide aggregation.

Through proprietary energy management technology, Kontrol initiates energy-efficiency projects that deliver verifiable and measurable energy savings over a ten-year period, which produce a corresponding greenhouse gas emission reduction. For each ton of avoided greenhouse gas emission, Kontrol establishes one equivalent carbon credit, which gets monetized in the voluntary carbon offset markets.

Ready to cut the carbon but require further enlightenment? If that’s the case, peruse the Kontrol Carbon Credit offset program overview.

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