AI-Based Analyzer Keeps Hot Water Hot

by Mat Dirjish

Clean technology company Intellihot unveils telliBot_ai, which it claims is the world’s first intelligent water heater systems analyzer. Hotels, restaurants, as well as commercial and industrial buildings need immediate hot water around the clock. And water-heater malfunctions are financially and reputationally devastating for businesses.

The telliBot_ai employs artificial intelligence (AI) and sensors to analyze operations by monitoring flow rates, temperatures, firing rate, and other parameters. It then uses this data to accurately predict the useful lifespan of water heater systems, allowing establishments to plan for replacements, thereby avoiding hot-water outages or system failures.

Reportedly, telliBot_ai installation is simple. The company ships the smart device to each user location. Installation to existing water heaters of any make and model requires no special tools. After ten days of monitoring, Intellihot issues a comprehensive health report for all monitored heater units. Then, users can anticipate future water shutdowns and upgrade to more efficient equipment. The results are a reduction in energy waste plus lower capital and operational expenditures.

Ready to keep the hot water flowing but require greater enlightenment? If so, peruse the telliBot_ai info page.

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