Certified Quiz Fingers E-Waste

by Mat Dirjish

In advance of International E-waste Day on October 14, 2021, TCO Development is launching its certified e-waste quiz to support educational and public awareness activities linked to the October 14th initiative. For starts, International E-waste Day is an initiative to reduce the burden that e-waste places on the environment and for saving natural resources. Second, with 30+ years of experience, TCO Certified is the established sustainability certification for IT products.”

Gabriella Mellstrand, Marketing and Communication Director at TCO Development, says “Talking about e-waste is really important to help buyers take a more holistic approach to their electronic goods.” Her company verifies 11 product categories including displays, computers, and mobile devices for compliance, both pre and post certification.

Based on about 2,000 results, the quiz indicates the growing amount of e-waste is mainly due to recycling. Increasing e-waste volumes are traceable to higher consumption rates of electronics, short life cycles, and few repair options.

Gabriella Mellstrand  points out that, “The single most important thing you can do for the environment, both in terms of e-waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, is keeping IT products in use longer. For example, adding two years to a notebook’s life can cut total emissions by up to 30%.”

TCO Certified quiz reveals what we know about e-waste

Impacting human health, e-waste contains hazardous substances that leak into the natural environment due to improper recycling. And, apart from being a risk to human health and the environment, current e-waste handling procedures have a negative economic impact. Electronic products contain a number of scarce, valuable resources that are essential for meeting future product needs.

Ms. Mellstrand concludes, “Be part of the solution. Keep your IT products in circulation for as long as possible by use, re-use, repair, or reselling the product. If none of this is possible, practice responsible recycling.”

Ready to find out how big, or small, of an e-waster you are? If so, take the TCO Certified e-waste quiz.

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