In-Wall Speaker Snags THX Dominus Certification

by Mat Dirjish

Perlisten Audio claims its S7i is the world’s first in-wall speaker to achieve THX Certified Dominus status. Set to ship November 2021, the S7i employs the same audio technologies as the company’s S7t tower speaker.    

The S7i measures 39.25-in. long and 4-in. deep. It is a four-way, self-enclosed aluminum cabinet with a bituminous damping layer to ensure consistent frequency response in any installation.

THX Certified Dominus requires more than double the output levels compared to the THX Certified Ultra specification. The S7i’s tweeter and dual midranges all share the same motor technology that employs Neodymium motors, shorting rings for low inductance, and flux stabilization with low distortion, a damped anti-resonant back chamber to remove internal reflections, and Ferrofluid for power handling. Four 7-in. woofers recreate the dynamic range necessary to withstand large transients while remaining under control.

Three 28-mm beamforming tweeter and midranges center the company’s patent-pending Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) waveguide to accurately control vertical and horizontal dispersion. A beryllium tweeter with a bandwidth to 40 kHz and a rear absorption chamber keep internal reflections at a minimum.

Ready to go ape apples for high-end, in-wall audio but yearn for deeper data and specs? Yearn not! Enter the cavern of information on Perlisten Audio’s website. Also, you can learn even more about THX Certified Dominus status.

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