Hands Free Optical Sensor Launches Urinalysis Into A Golden Age

by Mat Dirjish

Olive Diagnostics is introducing what it describes as the world’s first hands-free optical sensor for passive and seamless urinalysis at home. The company believes the sensor will aid in the early detection of disease in the elderly and pregnant women. Securing a round of funding led by the Maccabi Foundation symbolizes a vote of confidence from the healthcare sector, sending a signal of the need for the company’s non-invasive urinalysis device and data.

Olive Diagnostics expects its devices to initially find employment in elder care homes and women’s health clinics by the end of 2021. The company’s technology passively collects molecular and volumetric data via real time spectroscopy of the user’s urine stream. The data available in urine, like biochemistry, minerals, vitamins, pH, etc., is critical to determine patient health and for making accurate diagnoses.

Does this technology pique your curiosity? If so, there’s much more to glean on the Olive Diagnostics website.

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