Closed-Loop Control Enables Autonomous Aircraft

by Mat Dirjish

Skydweller Aero, an aerospace company developing solar powered aircraft systems capable of achieving perpetual flight, announces successful flight demonstrations of its initial aircraft autonomy and guidance, navigation and control (GNC) systems. Data from the test flights successfully demonstrates closed-loop aircraft control and waypoint navigation, which the company says is a critical milestone on the path to developing commercially-viable autonomy for solar-powered aircraft.

During testing, engineers evaluated all autopilot commands to verify inner-loop flying qualities at various altitudes. Also evaluated, additional communication links and various automatic takeoff and landing sensors ensure the aircraft is ready for its next evolution.

Importantly, meteorologists and flight-test operations verified the company’s advanced weather and climate forecasting models, enabling the creation of optimal flight paths. Skydweller Aero co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer John Parkes reports, “These successful demonstrations prove the company’s ability to safely develop, test ,and integrate autonomous system capabilities on new and existing aircraft.”

Testing will continue over the next several months, as the company continues transforming aircraft into an unmanned aerial system. For more details, visit Skydweller Aero.

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