Guitar Players, Get Ready For The Lexuscaster

by Mat Dirjish

Every sound-minded rocker knows that cars and guitars go together like orange and chocolate, tequila and lime, and franks and beans. Just ask ZZ Top if you don’t believe me. And guitar makers know this as well.

Jumping on the auto bandwagon, Fender Musical Instruments and automaker Lexus are partnering on the release of the Fender Lexus LC Stratocaster guitar.  The custom-shop instrument from Fender’s Principal Master Builder, Ron Thorn, flaunts an omnidirectional structural blue finish and a pickguard made from twill carbon fiber that matches Lexus’ rear spoiler.

Inspired by the Morpho butterfly, the omnidirectional structural blue finish exhibits a spectral range that produces light metallic blue to deep midnight blue. The guitar’s finish is the same paint used on the Lexus LC 500 coupe and convertible from the Inspiration Series. The paint does not contain any blue material. It looks blue due to the interference of light. Layers of colorless materials come together to generate the ultimate color, hence the name “structural blue.”

The 3A flame maple neck features a high-gloss urethane finish and the fingerboard material is deep-blue Richlite, a composite material known for its tonal properties, structural stability, and resistance to wear and moisture. The fingerboard sports a flatter 12-in. radius and 22 medium-jumbo stainless-steel frets. On dark stages, the white Luminlay fingerboard inlays glow in vivid blue.

Additionally, fasteners on the pickguard are black button head machine screws that create a clean automotive appearance while the pickups are Fender’s latest version of its noiseless single coils. Finally, the structural-blue headstock displays a chrome Fender logo.

The limited edition Fender® Lexus LC Stratocaster® guitar

Fender is producing jut 100 Lexus LC Stratocasters. Price is $6,000. For more details and specs, peruse the Fender Lexus LC Stratocaster overview.

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