AR & NFT Art Spotlight Amazon Rainforest Social Impact Project

by Mat Dirjish

Today, October 11,2021, virtual world platform SuperWorld is releasing “AMAZONIA,” an art exhibition and nonfungible token (NFT) gallery in augmented reality (AR). Produced In partnership with MONOGRAMA, a decentralized autonomous organization, the exhibit includes art, music, video, and cultural artifacts from members of the Paiter Surui and Cinta Larga tribes of Western Brazil.

As per SuperWorld Co-Founder and CEO Hrish Lotlikar, “At SuperWorld, our vision is to help build a better world, and move toward helping indigenous cultures while bringing attention to people in need all over the globe. The AMAZONIA project gives people all over the world the perfect opportunity to appreciate digital art in augmented reality and to affect profound change on the ground.”

Tribal work featured as NFTs in the AMAZONIA exhibit

The exhibit takes place in two 3D galleries in AR that are geo-pinned by the tribes on their respective land in the Amazon rainforest. All works are on sale or for auction as NFTs in the SuperWorld NFT Salon.

Proceeds from AMAZONIA will raise funds for and turn a spotlight on the cultural and artistic legacy of the tribes and provide a lens through which the rest of the world can appreciate and support their creativity and struggles. To learn more, visit the SuperWorld NFT Salon.

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