Foldable Steering System Sets Future Mobility Trend

by Mat Dirjish

With an eye on future automotive markets, Hyundai Mobis unveils its foldable steering wheel that can move forward and back by distances up to 25 cm. According to the company, the technology addresses future mobility vehicles as it allows for more space in the driver’s seat. Could this approach also be due to the fact studies are showing obesity is on the rise?

The system took approximately two years to develop and the company is currently filing patents globally. It consists of unique versions of standard steering-system parts, like the steering column and a reaction force control device and a sliding rail mechanism that ensures durability and reliability. As well as the foldable platform, the system fosters additional designs such as a storage type where the steering wheel retracts into the dashboard.

Hyundai Mobis introduced its folding and unfolding steering system

The foldable steering system is compatible with the company’s Steer by Wire (SBW) steering system. The SBW system controls steering with electrical signals by connecting the steering wheel with a device designed to deliver the steering force generated from the steering wheel to the vehicle’s wheels. The SBW system also minimizes the vibrations that come from a rumble strip or speed bump to the steering wheel, allowing the driver to drive in a stable manner.

Additionally, the redundancy design of some core electronic parts, such as the sensors and system ECU, ensures that the vehicle is capable of maintaining normal steering in an emergency.

Getting excited about more room in the driver seat but require deeper data? If so, unfasten your safety belt and trot on over to the Hyundai Mobis website.

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