3D Hall-Effect Position Sensor Raises Accuracy Bars

by Mat Dirjish

Texas Instruments trumpets its TMAG5170 as the “industry’s most accurate 3D Hall-effect position sensor.” The sensor achieves uncalibrated, ultra-high precision at speeds up to 20 ksamples/s while using up to 70% less power than comparable devices. It also integrates functions and diagnostics for design flexibility and system safety.

Reportedly, the TMAG5170 is the industry’s first 3D Hall-effect position sensor to deliver a 2.6% full-scale total error at room temperature. It also features a drift of 3% total error along with at least 35% lower error than comparable devices in the presence of a cross-axis field.

TI sensor provides ultra-high precision at speeds as fast as 20 kSPS while using at least 70% less power

Integrating features such as an angle calculation engine, measurement averaging, plus gain and offset compensation, the sensor eliminates the need for off-chip computation and enables flexible sensor and magnet orientations. Its integrated computation functions also reduce the system’s processor load by as much as 25%, enabling the use of lower-cost, general-purpose microcontrollers (MCUs).

The TMAG5170 is available now in an eight-pin, 4.9 mm x 3 mm very thin shrink small-outline package (VSSOP). Pricing starts at $1.139 each/1,000.

Ready to kick off your next design project but need greater enlightenment? If that’s so, procure and peruse the TMAG5170 datasheet.

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