Audio Eyewear Offers Stylish Frame Options

by Mat Dirjish

Anker Innovations’ audio brand Soundcore is launching Soundcore Frames, an audio eyewear product featuring an immersive listening experience and multiple frame styles. Sporting thin and lightweight arms, the eyewear offers 10 different frame styles and supports prescription, polarized, and blue-light filtering lenses.

Soundcore Frames come with a Pull-and-Plug quick release system that allows wearers to easily swap out different styles. They provide up to 5.5 hours of playtime and fast-charge via Soundcore’s magnetic charger.

The frames employ the company’s OpenSurround system that integrates two customized drivers in each arm, a custom digital-signal processor (DSP), and a listening port for a reportedly more immersive experience. The main speaker is in front of the user’s ear with another behind the ear. Soundcore Frames also integrate on-ear wearing detection and automatically pause audio when the wearer removes the glasses.

Soundcore Frames come with a Pull and Plug quick release system, so consumers can easily swap out different styles. It also comes with up to 5.5 hours of playtime, but can be fast-charged using Soundcore’s magnetic charger.

Other features include noise reducing microphones that can pair with a phone, tablet, or PC to take calls or participate in meetings and a private listening mode that reduces audio leakage when on a call. The Soundcore app and website offer a virtual try-on experience where potential consumers can find a frame style to go with their Soundcore Frames.

Price for Soundcore Frames in the US is $199.99 and additional frames cost $49.99each. For more details and data, visit Soundcore.

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