Logistic Robot Set To Revolutionize Warehouse Storage Chores

by Mat Dirjish

Advanced manufacturing research company Geek+ is launching what it claims is the warehouse storage industry’s highest logistic robot. Expanding the company’s RoboShuttle family, the RS8-DA is an 8-meter high, flexible arm robot that promises to maximize user’s warehouse space.

Heralded as a safe, efficient, and flexible automation platform, RoboShuttle reportedly solves the complex logistics scenarios brought on by the rise in e-commerce and fulfills the need for systems that optimize warehouse space intelligently. Compatible with 8-meter-high racks, totes, cartons, and boxes of varying width, the robot improves space utilization by as much as five times (5x).

Built on a robust chassis design with a flexible doorframe and double deep telescopic fork arms, the robot can navigate narrow aisles and reach a maximum height of 8,145 mm. Using its fork arms, the robot can access inventory rows of varying depth situated as low as 285 mm and as high as 7,820 mm. It also handles both horizontal and vertical warehouse spaces.

Via an intelligent depth camera and precision sensors, the robot adjusts its arms to pick boxes of varying sizes. It can allocate storage locations to the size of the boxes, improving inventory organization. Using intelligent algorithms, the robot autonomously transfers up to eight totes to and from a workstation, thereby automating picking, replenishment, reverse logistics, and inventory checking processes.

Ready to robotize your warehouse but desire greater illumination? If so, visit Geek+ to learn more about the RoboShuttle family of robots.

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