Smart Building Controls Boost Efficiency, Foster Sustainability

by Mat Dirjish

Altair subsidiary Toggled is launching its iQ smart-building control platform, a comprehensive, sustainable building ecosystem that allows users to customize and control lighting in real-time, from the Toggled iQ mobile app. The company claims the platform improves building-facility management, increases energy efficiency, and reduces energy costs.

A comprehensive connected-building data and device management solution, Toggled iQ. leverages the Internet of things (IoT) to optimize building environments by streamlining operations, improving energy efficiency, and reducing carbon footprint. It pairs smart connected lighting with wireless sensors, controls, and intuitive analytics.

Next generation Toggled iQ sensor.

Reportedly, energy use is the largest operating expense for businesses while negatively impacting climate change. Toggled iQ reduces energy via easy-to-install electronics, software, direct-wire LED retrofits, lighting control, HVAC, remote sensors, and smart building controls. Other features include:

  • Reduced installation times via a wireless system that requires no additional hardwiring and allows for device groupings during setups.
  • Optimized functionality via an intuitive app with a setup wizard that ensures users are aware of each system device’s features.  
  • Toggled iQ’s app allows users to customize their lighting and building preferences through room scene creation, color-tuning and dimming, motion-control sensitivity levels, and smart building analytics.
  • Toggled iQ allows for multiple layers of energy savings.
  • Fluorescent to LED conversions.
  • Network controls include motion and daylight harvesting.
  • Back-end analytics that provide data insights to optimize energy usage, identify active problem areas, and proactively establish maintenance schedules.
  • LED tubes guaranteed to last 50,000 hours.

Ready to give your building an education and make it smart but need deeper data? If so, take a closer look at Toggled iQ.

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