First Carbon-Neutral Alkaline Batteries Hit The Market

by Mat Dirjish

Debuting as a better-for-the-planet battery, Better Battery’s initial offering  embarks as the first and only certified carbon-neutral alkaline battery. Promising to lessen the harmful environmental impact of improperly discarded batteries, the company operates with a direct-to-consumer subscription model and claims to be turning a traditionally wasteful product into a conscious-living accomplice. Basically, Better Battery  removes the guesswork from properly disposing depleted batteries.

As the only certified carbon-neutral battery on the market, the company has completed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to determine the carbon emissions in the manufacturing and distribution for all of their batteries including the packaging. Better Battery then offsets the carbon produced through their partnership with, which invests in carbon reduction projects.

Other environmentally-friendly features include performance quality comparable with established brand-name batteries, easy disposal, sustainable packaging, and three subscription options. The three subscriptions, each containing 22 AA batteries, 22 AAA batteries, and two 9V batteries are:

  1. Every 12 Months: $44.99
  2. Every 6 Months: $42.99
  3. Every 4 Months: $39.99

Getting all charged up and ready to save the planet while powering up all your electric toys? If so, learn how to get your mitts on these components with a visit to the Better Battery Co.

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