Immersive Art Installation Lives In NYC Skyline

by Mat Dirjish

Opening tomorrow, October 21, 2021, Kenzo Digital and collaborator SL Green Realty Corp. present Air, described as “a mind-bending new immersive art experience” within the SUMMIT building at One Vanderbilt, New York City. Artist Kenzo Digital is taking a thousand-foot-high venue, with a view spanning from Coney Island to the Bronx Zoo, and creating a multisensory, transformative experience.

The installation is a walkthrough experience that begins upon entering SUMMIT One Vanderbilt adjacent to Grand Central Terminal and extends through a mirrored, light-infused elevator ride up a thousand feet to the 91st floor. At the top, Air offers visitors a multi-floor, multi-space immersion where the city surrounds them. I guess you gotta’ be there.

In addition to its materiality, Air features a multisensory use of sound, lighting, production design, and game engines. After sunset, Air takes new form as the space transforms into a light and sound story.

Once again, Air opens to the public on tomorrow, October 21, 2021. Ready to take a leap into the Air? If so, get your tickets now. Also, take a look at Kenzo Digital.

SOURCE Kenzo Digital | | 1-516-422-1431 |

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