Popular Robot Adds Laser Scanner And FieldLink Software

by Mat Dirjish

Partnering on a complete, turnkey autonomous robotic scanning design, Boston Dynamics is integrating Trimble’s X7 3D laser scanner and FieldLink software within its established and popular Spot robot. The integration enables Spot’s autonomous operation on construction sites and takes advantage of the robot’s ability to navigate challenging and potentially unsafe environments.

Trimble’s 3D data capture technology ensures a continuous flow of data from the field to the office and back for documentation of jobsite progress. Autonomous workflow for the X7 laser scanner employs Spot’s controls in FieldLink software to create a predefined path of waypoints for the robot to follow and collect laser scans.

Data-collection missions can be set to run on a regular basis for design validation and progress reporting. The result is higher efficiency and real-time data analysis.

Additionally, Spot’s docking station enables in-field charging of batteries on both the robot and the X7 3D laser scanner. It also provides continuous data transfers via a Gigabit Ethernet connection.

The complete package includes the Trimble X7 3D laser scanner, Trimble FieldLink software, a tablet controller, Boston Dynamics’ Spot Enterprise robot, and a self-charging docking station for Spot and the X7 laser scanner. The package is available through Trimble and select BuildingPoint distribution partners.

Ready to robotize your project but need deeper details? If so, peruse Trimble’s Turnkey Robotic Scanning Solution. Also take a gander at Boston Dynamics’ Spot overview.

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